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The bottom of the screen is hidden by the status bar on the Android app (version 5.1.1)


This malfunction occurs on a device with a notch. Please try a temporary countermeasure until we fix it.

We have detected an issue when using the Android app (version 5.1.1) on a device with a notch, where it does not allow you to view eBooks in text (novel) format properly. Although it does not occur on all devices with notches, we are working towards solving the issue with upmost priority.

Please try the following provisional measures until the new version of the app is released.

1) Launch the app and open an eBook.
2) Open [Reading Settings] in the lower right.
3) Change status of [Always Display Status Bar] from “Display” to “Hide” shown under [Common Settings for Comic/Text Types].

1) Launch the app and open an eBook in text (novel) format.
2) Open [Reading Settings] in the lower right.
3) Select [Margin & Head/Folio Settings] shown under [Detailed Settings].
4) Change the value (%) of “Margin: Bottom”.
* The numerical value depends on the device, but in many cases, it will be displayed by setting it to 400%.

We deeply apologize for any inconveniences caused with this issue. We will work our best to release the updated version of the app as soon as possible. In the meantime, please consider using the above provisional measures and/or the Browser Viewer.

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