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I want to read eBooks purchased with an Apple ID using the old iOS app “BOOK ☆ WALKER 1G” with the current app.


You can read your eBooks by transferring your purchase history from old [BOOK ☆ WALKER 1G] app to the current app.

After transferring your [Purchase History] from old “BOOK ☆ WALKER 1G” (Ver2.3.8) app, you will be able to read the eBooks from the current app.

【Precautions on transferring purchase history】

  • Log in to the App Store with the same Apple ID as when you purchased the book, and install the old app.
  • Old apps cannot be used on iOS 11 or later. Please use it on iOS 10 or lower.


【How to transfer purchase history】

  1. Install “BOOK ☆ WALKER 1G” (version 2.3.8) from the App Store → [Update] → [Purchased] → [All]
    ※After selecting [All], pull down the list of apps to display the search window, so enter “WALKER” to find it easily.
  2. After installation, log in with your BOOK ☆ WALKER account
  3. After login authentication, proceed with the operation of transferring eBooks purchased without registering as a member (without logging in) with the old application (transfer of purchase history).
  4. Confirm and tap [OK], [Next], and [Execute] in that order. On the input screen displayed on the way, enter the password of the Apple ID used when purchasing the book without registering as a member (without logging in).


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