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I didn’t receive the correct amount of coins for my membership rank when pre-ordering an eBook


When purchasing an eBook through pre-order or series subscription, coins granted according to membership ranks are determined based on your membership rank at the timing of its release date.

Therefore, the actual coin-back rate may differ from the rate shown when you pre-order the eBook.

In November, a member with rank “Jack” rank pre-orders a 500 JPY (excluding tax) eBook which is to be released in December.
If the membership rank is “Light” (when the eBook is released) in December,

The member will receive a total of 8% coin-back (40 coin)
(3% coin-back, plus 5% coin-back pre-order)

* The coin-back rate for pre-order may be more than 5% depending on the eBook.
* Membership rank calculation is based on JPY (Japanese Yen) excluding tax, in JST (Japan Standard Time).

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