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I want to change my email address registered on BOOK☆WALKER.


You can change your registered email address from [My Account].

Please sign-in BOOK☆WALKER with your current email address and password, and change it to a new email address from the  [My Account] page.

* If you have forgotten your password …
In order to reset a password, you need to receive a “Password Reset” guidance email through your registered email address.

        Sent from: noreply@bookwalker.jp
        Subject: [BOOK☆WALKER] パスワード再発行のご案内 / Password Assistance

If your registered email address is no longer active (e.g. you have cancelled your email account), please send the following information to Support so that we can change the email address for you instead.

■ Where to send information to:


■ What information to send:

  • Issue: Cannot receive emails nor reset password
  • Registered e-mail address on BOOK☆WALKER:
  • Registered year and month of birth  (e.g. January 1980):
  • Registered gender:
  • Title / Volume / Category / Purchase Date of eBooks you’ve purchased in the past:
    (e.g. your name., Vol. 1 / Manga / December 3, 2018)

* As for the purchased eBooks, please let us know the information of several eBooks as much as possible. You may check the purchase date on the “Order Confirmation” email sent from BOOK☆WALKER when making a purchase, but if you cannot confirm your past emails, please send us the rough date of when the eBook has been purchased.

After contacting Support, we will get back to you as soon as we investigate the details. Please be noted that we will basically change your registered email address to the email address you have used when contacting us.

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