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Basic operation of App Viewer


You can perform various operations from the upper and lower menu bars by tapping the center of the app screen.


Details of each function

You can share the eBook information to others through Social Media and email apps and so on within your device.

You can search within the context of the eBook, or on Google and Wikipedia.

■4.Sticky Note
You can select and mark sentences within the eBook.

■7.Sticky Note & Highlight Settings
You can edit your settings or link to the source where you’ve added a sticky note or highlighted a sentence.

You can highlight and mark sentences. *Applies only for some eBooks in text format.

・ Font Size *Applies only for some eBooks in text format.
・ Page-flip Animation (None / Slide / Scroll)
・ Detailed Settings (Change Font / Change Background Color / Line Space Settings / Margin & Head/Folio Settings)
・ Common Settings (Brightness Settings / Always Display Status Bar / Tap Settings / Tap-able Area Settings / Rotate Screen / Cache Clear)


* The above are operations of eBooks in text format text work. Manga eBooks may differ in some parts.

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