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Precautions on granted coins through campaigns


Conditions vary depending on the campaign and your purchase conditions. Please check details in advance.

Please be aware of the following points regarding BOOK☆WALKER Coin granted through campaigns or purchases.
*Granted coins are limited-time coins. The limited time coins have an expiration date.

■ Precautions common to all payments (campaigns)

    • The amount of granted coins is subject to the conditions at the timing of settlement.
      * Please note that the conditions may change when the campaign ends for example, and the amount of granted coins displayed on the cart screen and when the settlement procedure is confirmed may differ.
    • If you apply a coupon for an eBook eligible for a coin-back campaign, you will not receive a coin-back. (This rule does not apply for “50% Coin Back for First-time Purchasers” campaign.)
    • If the amount of granted coins exceeds the purchase amount excluding tax (granted more than 100%), it will be adjusted on the cart screen so that it would be less than 100%


■ Precautions on “50% Coin Back for First-time Purchasers” campaign

    • To be eligible for this campaign, your initial purchase must be made on the web store within 30 days after registering for a BOOK☆WALKER account.
    • This campaign is limited to the Web store. It does not apply for the [AppleID Store] which is offered in the Japanese language on the BOOK☆WALKER iOS App.
    • Downloading free eBooks and purchasing eBooks as a gift (Buy as Gift function) are not counted as an “initial purchase”.
    • If your initial purchase is a purchase through pre-order of an eBook, it will be eligible for this campaign if the eBook is purchased (through pre-order) within 30 days after registering for a BOOK☆WALKER account.
    • If you use a coupon when purchasing eBooks, coins will be granted based on the total payment after the coupon discount.


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