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How can I reflect [Library] data on the app to the Online Bookshelf (for PC)?


You can reflect your Library data from the [Change Selected Library] button on the Online Bookshelf function.

Here are the steps to reflect your Library data from the Online Bookshelf.

Reflecting Library data to PC (Online Bookshelf)

1. Select [Change Selected Library] button.
You can find the button on the left menu under [Edit Library]. When selecting the button, a screen will pop-up and allow you to reflect (restore) Library data you’ve saved on server.

2. Select the Library you wish to reflect (restore) from the [Apply] button.
The selected Library will automatically get reflected to the browser.



* In order to reflect changes on the Online Bookshelf to the app, please activate [Automatic Sync for Library] from the BOOK☆WALKER app.

  1. Launch BOOK☆WALKER App and select Menu (box and an arrow icon) on the upper left-hand corner
  2. Select [Library Settings]
  3. Activate [Automatic Sync for Library]


* If you cannot activate the [Automatic Sync for Library] setting, follow the steps below:

  1. Select [Settings] on the BOOK☆WALKER App
  2. Deactivate [Subscription Settings]


* Please make sure to save your changes from the [Save Changes to Server] button when you edit data on the Online Bookshelf. The latest data will be saved to the server by doing so and allow you to reflect it to the Online Bookshelf for PC as well as the BOOK☆WALKER App (Android/iOS).

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