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Can I share my Bookshelf data with others and the public?


Yes, you can make each Bookshelf you’ve created visible to the public from the Online Bookshelf (for PC). You can also earn BOOK☆WALKER Coin by sharing your Bookshelf if you join the Coin Affiliate Program.

Your Bookshelf is not visible to the public by default. However, you can make it visible to the public (even for non- BOOK☆WALKER members) by activating the [Make this Bookshelf shareable with others] settings and generating a separate page (publicized Bookshelf page) URL from one of the share buttons (Facebook/Twitter/Copy Link button) on the Online Bookshelf (for PC).

In addition, by re-deactivating this setting, you can again prevent anyone other than yourself from browsing the page.

Share Bookshelf with Others function

  • No one other than yourself (including other people viewing your publicized Bookshelf page) cannot edit the publicized Bookshelf page.
  • The latest Bookshelf data is displayed on the publicized Bookshelf. Therefore, when you update your Bookshelf, it will be reflected to the publicized page automatically.


How to Share Bookshelf Data with Others

  1. Activate [Make this Bookshelf shareable with others] on the Online Bookshelf (for PC).
  2. Choose Facebook/Twitter/Copy Link button.
  3. When you copy the link URL, just send the URL to the person you wish to share your Bookshelf data with.
  4. When choosing Facebook or Twitter button to share your Bookshelf data, a shareable link will be shown on a separate screen like below for you to tweet.
  5. Wish List: Twitter button

Earn BOOK☆WALKER Coin by Sharing

You can earn BOOK☆WALKER Coin by sharing affiliate URL of an eBook and special deal/campaign pages on the BOOK☆WALKER web store with others. Please check details on the following page:

BOOK☆WALKER Coin Affiliate Program

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