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Can I share images of a manga?


Yes, you can share images for some manga books from the share function on the BOOK☆WALKER app.

Here are the steps to share images from the iOS or Android(*1) app.
*Please note that this function is unavailable on some manga books.

– How to share an image in a manga book

  1. Tap the app screen of a book you’re reading and show the menu bar
  2. Tap the share icon(*2) shown at the top
  3. Tap the [Share image] button
  4. Trim/resize the image you’d like to use
  5. Tap the [Share] button
  6. Select the Social Media app you’d like to use and share the image

*1 This function is available on Ver.4.0.8 onwards.
*2 Share icon for iOS app looks like this: , and share icon for Android app looks like this:


Earn BOOK☆WALKER Coin by Sharing

You can earn BOOK☆WALKER Coin by sharing affiliate URL of an eBook and special deal/campaign pages on the BOOK☆WALKER web store with others. Please check details on the following page:

BOOK☆WALKER Coin Affiliate Program


※Please refrain from sharing or use the images beyond the range of personal use (ex: publishing the images, etc.).
※Any confirmed violations of the terms of use will be responded.

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