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How can I redeem coupons?


You can use coupons during Payment Conformation/Checkout

You can only use 1 coupon per settlement.

Coupon discounts are applied to the base price before tax calculation.


How to redeem coupons

1. Add an eBook/Audiobook to your cart
*If you are new to BOOK☆WALKER please create a free account in order to make purchases.

2. Access your cart and click “Payment Method”

3. Click “Use Coupon”

4. Enter your coupon code and click “Apply”
*In order to change the coupon code, click on “Use Coupon” > “Cancel Coupon” and enter a new coupon code.

5.  Select a payment method and proceed with your payment



Terms and Conditions
– The terms and conditions of each coupon differ, so make sure to check details before using them.

Eligible titles
– Some coupons are eligible for all titles, while others are eligible only for a specific publisher, genre, title, etc.

Discount conditions
– A coupon’s discount applies to the base price before tax calculation.
– A coupon’s discount rate applies to each title individually and not the settlement sum. The total amount discounted is calculated by rounding down to the third decimal place.

– Some coupons have a minimum/maximum purchase amount set.
– Some coupons can be used multiple times, while some can only be used once.

Eligible Customers
– Some coupons are eligible only for specific customers (birthday, registration date, etc.).

– Please make sure not to include any free spaces or symbols that are not part of the coupon code when entering it.
– Coupon codes cannot be canceled after the settlement has been processed.

–  Available payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, and BOOK☆WALKER Coin
– Consumer tax is only added for purchases from within Japan and is applied to the amount after coupon discount deduction.
– Granted coins are calculated based on the total purchase amount of applicable eBooks/audiobooks after coupon discount deduction.
– For some point-back promotions you will not be eligible for a point-back when using a coupon. (Detailed rules can be found on each promotion page)

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