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The eBooks I bought has disappeared.


A. There are several reasons for this, such as being in the [Archive], using multiple accounts, etc.

■ If the eBooks is in the [Archive]

To retrieve eBooks to purchased [My Library(List)], please follow these step

  • Tap [Settings] > [My Account]
  • On the Menu tap [Archived eBooks]
  • Check the box on the left of eBooks you wish to restore to the [My Library(List)]
  • Tap [Retrieve from Archive] on the bottom of the screen
    ※You can also retrieve eBooks from browser “Archive
    ※For more details on “Archive”, please check “What are “Archived Books”


■ eBooks purchased using [niconico] account

In case you made an “Additional Sign-in” with your account, information from BOOK☆WALKER account will be prioritized.

If you purchased you eBooks using [niconico] account, please sign-in using your [niconico] account without using “Additional Sign-in” and check your “Archive


■ If you cannot confirm your purchased eBooks with your current account

Please check your personal information on [My Account] and see if the account you are currently signed-in to and the account you purchased the book from are the same.
If you cannot confirm whether they are the same, please fill in the following information and contact us.

Inquiry : “Purchased books are not displayed in the app”
・ The title and number of volumes that are not displayed
・ Email address registered in BOOK ☆ WALKER:
・ Registered date of birth (eg January 1980):
・ Registered gender:
・ “Title / Volume / Genre / Purchase Date” of books purchased so far:
Example) “Your Name. Volume 1 / Manga / December 3, 2018”


■ If you made the purchase with Apple ID without signing-in to the old iOS app [BOOK☆WALKER 1G] (Ver.2.8.3 or earlier)

[For user with old iOS app 1G]

With the iOS app, you can purchase books at the Apple ID store without registering as a member of BOOK ☆ WALKER or signing-in to the BOOK ☆ WALKER app according to Apple’s regulations.

If the above applies to the old app 1G (Ver. 2.8.3 or earlier), you will need to transfer your AppleID purchase history to your BOOK☆WALKER account.


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