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How to do “Additional Sign-in”


This function can only be performed with iOS / Android apps. You can log in at the same time with your [niconico] and BOOK☆WALKER accounts.

If you have both a [niconico] account and a BOOK☆WALKER account, you can display the books purchased at each store by using “Additional sign-in” function.

[How to “Additional sign-in”]


(In case of “Additional sign-in” with [niconico] account after signing-in with BOOK☆WALKER account)

1. Sign-in with BOOK☆WALKER account
2. Tap [Settings] > [“Additional sign-in”]

3. The following message will be displayed > tap [OK]

4. You will be redirected to [niconico]  login page > login

5. “Additional sign-in” complete


※ “Additional sign-in” using BOOK☆WALKER account after signing-in using [niconico] account also possible
※ If you sign-out, you will be signed-out with both accounts. Please do “Additional sign-in” again next time you sign-in.
※ “Additional sign-in” is not required to use BOOK☆WALKER only with BOOK☆WALKER or [niconico] account.
※ Once “Additional sign-in” performed, it is not possible to separate BOOK☆WALKER and [niconico] account.
※ Coins cannot be transferred between 2 accounts connected with “Additional sign-in”.
※ After “Additional sign-in”, data from BOOK☆WALKER account will be prioritized.
Web store can be accessed only with one account in one time. Please be careful when making purchase.

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