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How to download eBooks in the Background.


Please turn “ON” you device’s [Background] settings.

As long as the app is active, you can still download the eBooks  in the background.

If the app is not downloading the eBooks in the background, please check the device’s background settings.


【Setting Method】

◆ For iOS

(1) Open device’s [Settings] > [General] > [Background App Refresh]
(2) Turn [BOOK☆WALKER] app settings to [ON]


◆ For Android

(1) Open device’s [Settings] > [Apps & Notifications]
(2) Tap [BOOK☆WALKER] App > [Mobile data & Wi-Fi]
(3) Turn [Background data] settings to [ON]


※Not the BOOK☆WALKER App’s [Settings].
※The displayed name may differ depending on the device.
※When the setting is turned “ON”, the data usage may increase compared to the state when it is turned “OFF”.
※To cancel background download, please close the app.
※If not working properly, please check if it set to “Only when connected to Wi-Fi”.

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