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I cannot reissue my password. I didn’t receive password assistance email.


There are some possible reasons.

Please check the followings.

1. The entered email address is different from the one being registered

The password reissue assistance email is sent only to the registered email address.
Please check your registered e-mail address and enter it again.

2. Mail settings

The password reissue assistance email will be sent from [noreply@bookwalker.jp]. Please change the settings so that you can receive emails from the [bookwalker.jp] domain.

3. You are registered using Social Media account or other external service

For BOOK☆WALKER account registered using Social Login (Facebook/Twitter) or any other external service (Google/Apple/NicoNico), account information is not being managed by BOOK☆WALKER. Please reissue your password from the respective service.

4. Identity verification fails

If either the entered “Date of birth” or “Gender” is incorrect, the password cannot be reissued. Please reconfirm and enter the information again.
If you still unable to reissue the password, please fill in the following information and contact us.

Subject: Unable to reissue the password due to identity verification fails
・Registered email address:
・Birth Year and Month (e.g. 1980/1):
・Purchased book data – book title, volume, and category (manga, light novel, etc.), as well as purchased date and time.
“Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!, Vol. 5″(Light Novel)- purchased on 2018/04/24 6:00 pm

※Please inform us the purchase date as far as you can tell. There is a description in the subject “Notice of payment completion” email.
※Please inform us as many books as possible.

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