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How can I move eBooks/Audiobooks saved on a SD card to another device?


Please use the [Load books saved on the SD card] function

How to move your SD data to another device:

1. Remove the SD card from your old device

*If you plan to uninstall the BOOK☆WALKER app from your old device, make sure to remove the SD card before 

2. Install the BOOK☆WALKER app on the your new device, then sign-in using the same account as on your old device
BOOK☆WALKER for Android

3. Insert the SD card in your new device

4. Open [Settings] > [Book Data: Server management] > [Setting the destination of the SD Card] > [Auto detected path of your device]

5. Return to [Settings] > [Book Data: Server management] > [Load books saved on the SD card]



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