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How can I redeem a gift code for coins?


You may redeem coins by entering the gift code for coins on the Redeem Gift Code page.

* The gift code has an expiration date. Please redeem it before it expires.

■How to redeem a gift code for coins

1.  Create an account (free) if you are not a BOOK☆WALKER member
2. Access the “Redeem Gift Code” page, and sign-in

Redeem Gift Code page

3. Enter the gift code (e.g. vfz8upvttrzcfj) under “Please enter the gift code.”, then select “Continue”
4. Confirm the displayed information is correct, then select“Redeem Gift Code”
5. Your redeemed coins will be granted to your account within several minutes.

*Please note that “gift code for eBook” may not be redeemed for coins. “gift code for eBook” is only redeemable for eBooks.

*Redeemed coins have a usage deadline. Coins will not be restored after their expiration date under no circumstances.

* Coins can not be used on the iOS app store ([AppleID Store] screen on iOS app). For iOS users, please make a purchase from the web store on your browser instead (by logging in to the web store with the same account ID as the iOS app, you may download eBooks purchased on the web store on your iOS app.)

*Please note that you may not use coins when checking out with the “Instant Checkout with PayPal” button.

See how to use BOOK☆WALKER Coin here.

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