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How do I play an audiobook?


You can play audiobooks only on the app.

※It may take a few minutes for the audiobook to complete downloading.
※Audiobooks are available in App Ver. 7.3.1.
Ver. 7.3.1 of the iOS app was released on 2022/5/11 (JST), but the Android app is not yet available.
Please wait for a while.

Please check below for audiobook player instructions.

【How to Play】
【Explanation of audiobook player screen】

【How to Play】

1. Open [Audiobooks] on the app
2. Tap “download”
3. The player will start up after the download is complete.

【Explanation of playback screen】

1. Seek bar
(You can move the start point to any point in time.)
2. Rewind  / Fast forward
3. 10-second rewind  / fast forward
4. Play / Pause
5. Repeat playback (Repeat in units of 1 audiobook)
6. Playback speed
7. Play / Pause (track list)


Audiobooks are NOT supported on versions below iOS13.
Audiobooks cannot be played in the background with the current version.
・You cannot download more than one audiobook at a time.
・Elapsed time is not displayed on the audiobook list.

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