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What is an “audiobook” ?


You can enjoy audiobooks of popular light novels on our app.

Audiobooks will be marked with the following tag.

Please note that audiobook purchases will not come with the corresponding eBook. Audiobooks are audio only.
It may take a few minutes for the audiobook to complete downloading.

【How to search for audiobooks】
【Where are my purchased audiobooks?】

【How to search for audiobooks】

You can search for audiobook titles in the following ways.

A:Search from “category” in the menu (smartphone only) 

1. Tap the menu icon on the top left.

2. Tap “Categories” and select “Audiobook”.

B:Search by ”Advanced Search”

1. Leave the input field blank and tap or click the Search button.

2. On mobile, tap “Advanced search” and select “Audiobook” under “Category”.
On desktop, go to Advanced Search on the left and select “Audiobook” under “Categories”.

【Where are my purchased audiobooks?】

Your purchased audiobooks are stored in the ”Audiobooks” tab.

You can also access them by tapping the icon below in the “Purchased eBooks” page.


You cannot play purchased audiobooks anywhere other than the BOOK☆WALKER app.
Audiobooks are NOT supported on versions below iOS13.
Audiobooks cannot be archived from the audiobook list.

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