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Why can’t I listen to my audiobooks?


Please refer to the steps in this article if you’re having trouble finding or playing your audiobooks.

【1】I cannot  play my audiobook(s) on the browser viewer.

Audiobooks are only available on the app.
Please use the BOOK☆WALKER app.


【2】I cannot play my audiobook(s) from the “Bookshelf” and “My Library”.

You need to play audiobooks from the “Audiobooks” menu tab on the app.

You can add audiobooks to your bookshelf but CANNOT play them from bookshelves or “My Library”.


【3】Download does not complete, playback screen does not open or playback does not proceed.

It may take some time for the audiobook to complete downloading.

Please try downloading in a location with a good internet connection, switching to another internet connection, or restarting your application or device.

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