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I can’t download eBooks I’ve purchased. (It doesn’t show up on [My Library(List)] screen in App.)


Please follow the procedures below.

1. Sign into App

Please check whether you have already signed into the BOOK☆WALKER App first.

a) iOS/Android: Check “Settings”. If “My account” is shown, then you have already signed into the App. If “Sign in/Create Account” is shown, then tap and enter your account ID.

b) PC Viewer(PC App): Sign in if “Sign-in” screen is shown upon starting PC App.


2. Update eBooks information


a) Update your eBook list data(recently purchased)
Tap “My Library(List)” and flick the screen down to refresh and your most recent purchases will appear on the “My Library(List)”.

b) Update your eBook list data(all)
Tap “Settings” and then “Re-create My Library(List)” and purchased eBooks will appear on the “My Library(List)”. Please be advised that it may take a while depending on the total number of eBooks have purchased.


Start the PC App and execute “Update to the latest status” on the “My Library(List)” screen.

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