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What is a BOOK☆WALKER Coin?


This article describes how to earn coins and how to purchase them with the Android app.

(Dec 22,2021 update) You can now purchase BOOK☆WALKER coin on in-app store on Android.

■How to earn BOOK☆WALKER Coins

You may receive BOOK☆WALKER Coins (hereinafter referred as coins) when purchasing eBooks. Coins are granted based on the paid amount excluding tax.


Shop:Purchase eBooks on the BOOK☆WALKER store. Earn Coins:Earn 1 coin for every 100 JPY purchase. Participate in campaigns to earn more! Use Coins:Use coins to pay for your next eBook purchase (1 coin = 1 JPY).

*You may not use coins on the iOS app store ([AppleID Store] screen on iOS app offered in Japanese language).  Please refer to the Coin page for details.


■How to purchase coins on in-app store on Android

1. Tap “Menu” on upper left in store on app.
2. Tap “Charge Coin” button under your coin balance.
3. Select charging amount
4. Tap “Pay with Google Play”
5. Check your payment method with Google play
6. Tap “1-tap buy”


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