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What happens when setting a “Device for Automatic Download”?


It automatically downloads the pre-ordered eBook to the specified device, when starting up the app.

Setting the “Device for Automatic Download” allows you to automatically download the eBook(s) purchased through the pre-order function to the specified device, when starting up the app. Please note that this function is currently available only for iOS/Android apps. Please follow the procedures below for setting a device for automatic download.

■How to set your device
1. Start up the BOOK☆WALKER app on the iOS/Android device which you wish to download purchased eBooks through pre-order.
2. Select [Settings] > [Book Data](only ver.7.4.5 or later) > [Server management](only ver.7.4.5 or later) > [Automatic Download Settings]([Auto DL pre-order books])
3. Turn on [Automatic Download]

■How to change the device for automatic download
1. Activate [Automatic Download] from the in-app settings of your new device
2.Cancel the original pre-order and do a new one.

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