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PC Viewer App doesn’t work properly


Please refer to the information below

Changes to the reading environment on desktop PC

Considering the below perspectives comprehensively, we have decided to concentrate on offering and developing the Browser Viewer function and not further update the PC Viewer App.

– Type of functions planned to be added on viewers (including apps on smartphone/tablet)
– Facilitating SNS accounts’ convenience
– Security measures in accordance with OS/browser update

Therefore, the followings are the last version of the PC Viewer App.
BOOK☆WALKER for Windows: ver.1.2.10
BOOK☆WALKER for Mac: ver.1.2.6

We may also stop distribution and usage of the PC App without prior notice due to OS update and/or security countermeasures.
In this case, the Browser Viewer will become the only option to read eBooks on desktop PC, which requires a stable internet connection.

Please see details on [Important Notice] Changes to the reading environment on desktop PC (Dec.20, 2017).


Windows/ iOS version

PC Viewer App may not operate properly if your PC Windows/iOS version of Windows is not matching the PC App anymore.

Either update or downgrade your Windows/iOS version of your PC.


Check your software’s security setting

The PC Viewer App may have been detected as an unknown software which may harm your computer.

If so, please open your setting and exclude the PC Viewer App from such list.


Reinstall PC Viewer App may help your situation

Follow the procedures below:
1) Uninstall the present PC Viewer App
2) Reinstall PC Viewer App

*The PC Viewer App “BOOK☆WALKER for Windows/Mac” is not compatible with Social Media account sign-in (including Google). Please link your e-mail address account in order to use the PC Viewer App.

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