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What is a “Social Media sign-in”?


It is a function which allows you to register and sign-in to BOOK☆WALKER by using your Social Media account ID(Google/Twitter/Facebook/Apple) .

If you have already registered for BOOK☆WALKER using your e-mail address, please DO NOT sign-in with your Social Media account since it is not linked to your existing account. You will end up creating multiple accounts by signing in with your Social Media account.
*Please refrain from making duplicate accounts, as we are not able to merge multiple accounts together.

However, you may link your Social Media sign-in information to your e-mail account. Please check the related page “Can I add other sign-in methods for my BOOK☆WALKER account?” for details to link them together.

Please also note that the PC Viewer (Windows & Mac) are not available for Social Media account members, so please use our iOS or Android App , and/or Browser Viewer instead.

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