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What is a Browser Viewer?


One of the reading measures that enables you to read on the browser.

This function enables you to read purchased eBooks online on the Global Store by using one of the following procedures:

From “Purchased eBooks” on My  Account

Sign into the Global Store and go to “My Account” page, then select “Purchased eBooks”.   Find the title you wish to read and select ” Read on Browser” , then you will be able to read the eBook online.

*In case of PC, please set “Browser ” as your default viewing setting.

From each title page

Find the title you have purchased, and go to the applicable page. Then select “Read on Browser” and you will be able to read the eBook online.

From the Purchase Complete page

Select “Read on Browser Viewer ” which appears on the Purchase Complete page.

*You cannot open the eBook with multiple browsers at the same time.
*Sign in is always required when reading a purchased eBook on Browser Viewer.

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