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What is the recommended environment for using the Browser Viewer and App?


Please check the list of recommended environments below.


You may read eBooks on your Browser Viewer (web browser), and do not need to install any apps to your PC.
*The latest version of the browsers below is recommended.

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge



iPhone/iPad/iPod touch on iOS11 onward.


Android 6 onward.

We may not be able to guarantee that the App will operate for the following cases:

  • Chromebook is not available.
  • Devices with Intel CPU.
  • Rooted device or devices that has not been unrooted properly (secondhand device may be applicable.)
  • Devices with installed tools to extend the function of some Apps
  • Devices with BOOK☆WALKER App not downloaded through Google Play Store
  • Start App from Emulator
  • Devices with customized ROM
  • Devices rooted at the initial setting (Some devices of Chinese manufacturers)

Common Notices on all devices

  • We may change/update  recommended devices based on necessity.
  • Please be advised that we will guarantee all the operations of App even though you use recommended devices written above.
  • Please download/view free eBooks under your preferred reading environment before purchase.


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