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How can I read my purchased eBooks?


There are 2 ways, read online or using the BOOK☆WALKER App.

You can read online or use the BOOK☆WALKER App.

1. Read online

Sign into the BOOK☆WALKER Global Store and access “Purchased E-books” on “My account” page. The list of purchased eBooks will appear, then tap “Read on Browser“.

2. Read on App

After installing the BOOK☆WALKER App on your iOS/Android devices and downloading your purchased eBook data, you will be able to read eBooks even without internet access.

To download iOS App: App store

To download Android App: Google Play store

In case you cannot find the purchased eBooks with the above procedures, you might have created multiple accounts(e.g. e-mail account and Social Media account(Google, Facebook and etc.) and purchased eBooks may exist in another account.
For further assistance, please contact our support team.

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