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Are all eBooks sold on BOOK☆WALKER in English?


All eBooks sold on our Global Store are in English language.

All eBooks sold on our Global Store ( global.bookwalker.jp ) are in English language, and eBooks sold on the Japan store ( bookwalker.jp ) are mainly in Japanese language.

Global Store: Only offers eBooks in English ( global.bookwalker.jp )
Japan Store: Mainly offers eBooks in Japanese ( bookwalker.jp )

*Please be noted that all contents on the Japan store are provided only in Japanese language.

Once you create a free account on BOOK☆WALKER, you may use the same account for both Global and the Japan store to purchase and read your eBooks on the BOOK☆WALKER app or the Browser Viewer.

You may access both stores through Chrome, Safari or other browsers (but not through the app since App Store is offered only in Japanese).

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