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How can I redeem an eBook received as a gift?


You can redeem your eBook by entering the gift code on the Redeem Gift Code page

How to redeem your eBook

1. Create an account (free) if you are not a BOOK☆WALKER member yet
2. Sign-in and access the “Redeem Gift Code” page
3. Enter the gift code (e.g. vfz8upvttrzcfj) and click “Continue”

Redeem Gift Code page
4. Confirm the eBook you wish to redeem, then click “Redeem Gift Code”
5. Your redeemed eBook will be granted to your account within several minutes


How to read your redeemed eBook

You can read your eBook online or use the BOOK☆WALKER App.

1. Read with our Browser Viewer

Access [My Account] > [Purchased eBooks], then select the eBook you wish to read from the “Read on Browser“ button.

2. Read on our BOOK☆WALKER App

After installing the BOOK☆WALKER App on your iOS/Android devices and downloading your purchased eBook data from [My Library], you will be able to read your eBooks even without internet access.



Gifted eBook do not have an expiration date, so once you redeem your eBook, you may read it anytime, anywhere online or on the BOOK☆WALKER App.

* If a limited time bonus item (such as original bookshelf skins and bonus illustrations) expires before the eBook is redeemed, the recipient will not be able to receive the bonus item. Click here for eBooks with bonus items.

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