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My Android device cannot recognize my SD card data.


Please see if your case falls under one of the reasons below.


1) Device updated to Android 6.0 onward

In this case, you need to reset your path due to your Android’s structure changes. Please start App and tap “Settings” and “Change Destination to Save”, then you will find “Auto detected path on your device”, select this and reset as the new path.

  • If your device still doesn’t recognize the SD card, please try “dismounting” then “mounting” the SD card, then follow the above procedure again.


2) Reinstalled App/Changed device

In this case, you need to re-download your eBooks again. After re-downloading, your Android will recognize your SD card data.


3) Android device cannot recognize SD card itself

It may be because the SD card is not properly inserted and therefore unrecognized. Please remove and insert the SD card  again and see if it can be recognized.


4) BOOK☆WALKER App doesn’t recognize SD card path

Dismount and mount SD card first, and start App and change SD card path from “Setting” >”Change Destination to Save”.

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