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How can I read ePup files I own on the BOOK☆WALKER app?


You can read your own ePub or downloaded DRM-free ePub files on the BOOK☆WALKER app by importing them

How to import ePub files to the Android app

  1. Install the BOOK☆WALKER app on your Android device from Google Play
  2. Open the app on your smartphone/tablet, and then connect the device to your desktop PC.
    It should show an alert message together with the storage location, so save the file to the following location:/Android/data/jp.bookwalker.kreader.android.epub/files/nondrm  (If the above storage location is not available, access [Books] > [ePub Files] on the app and choose [Change Saving Destination] from the options to select a new location)
  3.  Add the ePub files to the specified location
  4.  Go back to the BOOK☆WALKER app and select [Settings]
  5.  Select [ePub Files] under [Book Data]
  6.  ePub files added from iTunes should show up in your Library 

*You can not directly delete imported ePub files from the Android app.

*For Android devices, you can also save your ePub data to the specified directory without connecting your device to your desktop PC, by using services such as Google Drive or Dropbox and copy them to the directory through file manager apps.


How to import ePub data to the iOS app

  1.  Install the BOOK☆WALKER app to your iOS device from AppStore
  2.  Connect your iPhone/iPad to your desktop PC, and then open iTunes and sign-in
  3.  Select [Your name‘s iPhone/iPad] > [Apps]
  4.  Add the ePub files under [File Sharing] > [Apps] > [BookWalker] > [BookWalker Documents]
  5.  Open the BOOK☆WALKER app on your iPhone/iPad
  6.  Go back to the BOOK☆WALKER app and select [Settings]
  7.  Select [ePub Files] under [Book Data]
  8.  ePub files added from iTunes should show up in your Library 



eBooks purchased on BOOK☆WALKER cannot be downloaded as ePub/PDF/MOBI and imported to apps other than the BOOK☆WALKER app.

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