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Will I be granted membership rank coin when pre-ordering?


Yes, we will grant you membership rank coin based on the release date of the pre-ordered eBook or subscribed series.

When pre-ordering an eBook or subscribing to series, you will receive coin-backs based on your membership rank if the eBook has been successfully purchased.

・ Your membership rank for January is “Jack”
・ On January 10th., you have pre-ordered an eBook scheduled for January 21st release
・ The eBook is subject to the [15% Coin-back by Pre-order] Campaign
・ Automatic purchase will be processed several hours before the release of the eBook (January 21st)

・ Coin by Pre-order (5%)
・ Coin by Campaign (15%)
・ Coin by Membership Rank (Jack: 8%)

5 + 15 + 8 = 28%
500 JPY (excluding tax) x 28% = 140 coins

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