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Are there any special conditions for the “50% Coin Back for First-time Purchasers” campaign?


Please refer to below for the detailed explanation.

The “50% Coin Back for First-time Purchasers” campaign is eligible for your INITIAL SETTLEMENT (excluding tax) on BOOK☆WALKER within 30 DAYS of your free membership registration.

  • You will be granted 50% back in BOOK☆WALKER Coin based on your total initial payment (excluding tax). Granted coins will expire at the end of the following month in JST (Japan Standard Time).
    * If coin calculation includes decimals (less than 1 coin), it will be truncated.
  • This campaign does not apply for the [AppleID Store] which is offered in the Japanese language on the BOOK☆WALKER iOS App. Please access the web store (global.bookwalker.jp) from Safari etc., if you are using an iOS app.
  • If you use a coupon when purchasing eBooks, coins will be granted based on the total payment after the coupon discount.
  • Coins are granted within 15 minutes after your initial purchase. You may check your granted coins from Your Coin Information page.
  • In addition, please also check the campaign rules and conditions on the campaign page.
  • Granted coins are limited-time coins. The limited time coins have an expiration date.

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