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How can I purchase Japanese eBooks?


You can purchase Japanese eBooks on the Japan Store.

eBooks in Japanese language are only offered on the Japan Store.


How to purchase Japanese eBooks from the Japan Store

1. Sign in with your BOOK☆WALKER account
*You can use the same ID and password that you use for the Global Store

2. Access the Japan Store

3. Search for an eBook, go to the description page and then select the “カートに入れる (Add to Cart)” button

4. Select the “カートを見る (See Cart)” button

5. Access your Cart

6. Click “支払い方法の選択へ” (Select Payment Method)

7. You can enter a coupon code on the left. Select a payment method and click “選択した方法で支払う” (Pay with Selected Method)



All content is written in Japanese.

It’s not possible to change the language of purchased eBooks from Japanese to English or English to Japanese.

If you want to read an eBook in another language, you need to purchase the eBook in the desired language.

In addition, promotions differ from store to store.
If you want to participate in a promotion from our Japan Store please make sure to proceed the check out through the Japan Store as well.
Otherwise you will only receive points based on your membership rank.

You will receive coins instead of points for purchases made through the Japan Store.

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