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How can I automatically sync my Library and Bookshelves on all devices?


[Automatic Sync for Library] automatically reflect all changes of your Library and bookshelves on all devices

[Automatic Sync for Library] is recommended for users with several devices.
By turning on [Automatic Sync for Library], all changes of your bookshelves done on one device will be automatically synchronized to all your other devices.


How to turn on [Automatic Sync for Library]

  1. If you have already created a Bookshelf, save your current Library to the server
  2. Open [Settings] at the bottom on the app
  3. Tap [Bookshelf: Library Settings]
  4. Turn on [Automatic Sync for Library]



It’s necessary to turn on [Automatic Sync for Library] on each device individually.

If you turn off [Automatic Sync for Library], you will need to save your Library to the server on one device, and restore your Library on a different device if you want to have the same Bookshelf on different devices.
By using this function, you can always use the same Bookshelf and [Library] settings on all devices.

A stable internet connection is required.

When using a low-speed internet connection, it might crash before the BOOK☆WALKER App starts depending on the amount of data to be synchronized.
In that case, set it to airplane mode, open the BOOK☆WALKER App and turn off [Automatic Sync for Library].

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