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What is [Automatic Sync for Library]?


Is a function that allows you to automatically reflect all the changes on bookshelves of the same library from one device to another.

■ Automatic Sync for Library
If you turn on [Automatic Sync for Library] function, all the changes on bookshelf from one device will be automatically synchronized and reflected into other device with the same [Library].

■ What is this function for?
・For multiple device user
If you turn off [Automatic Sync for Library] function, whenever you made changes on your bookshelf or [Library Settings] in one device, in order to reflect the same changes on different device, you will need to save [Library] to server on one device, and restore [Library] on the different device.
By using this function, you can always use the same bookshelf and [Library] settings on all devices.

・For single device user.
By turning on [Automatic Sync for Library] function, since all the changes on [Library Setting] is always saved on the server there is no need to save the settings when you want to replace your current device with the new one.

※ [Automatic Sync for Library] function can be changed from each devices
※ Internet connection is required

■ [Automatic Sync for Library] settings
※Version 4.2.0 or later for both iOS and Android apps

1. Open [Menu] on the top left of the screen on iOS or Android app
2. Tap [Library Settings]
3. Turn [Automatic Sync for Library]  ON

※*When using low-speed internet connection, it may drop before the app starts depending on the amount of data to be synchronized. In that case, set it to airplane mode, launch the app, and turn off [Automatic Sync for Library] after the app launches.




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