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How to sort books/bookshelves


Long tap the book/bookshelf to sort the books/bookshelves as you wish.

You can sort books/bookshelves automatically or freely in any order you like.

* To sort books/bookshelves automatically

To sort the books/bookshelves automatically, select “Sort by Name” or “Sort by Date” from the sort menu.

* To sort books freely

In the bookshelf, press and hold a book to switch to the “Sort Books” screen. You can also tap “select” menu.

On the “Sort Books” screen, you can drag the books to sort them in any order you want.

* To rearrange the bookshelf freely

On the bookshelves screen, tap and hold a bookshelf to switch to the “Sort Bookshelf” screen.
On the “Sort Bookshelf” screen, you can drag the bookshelf to rearrange them in any order you like.

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