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What is the mark showing on the eBook on the app’s bookshelf?


It shows download and reading status.
※The display differs depending on the version

【Ver. 7.0.0 or higher】

These mark will shown in the following case:

  •           : Not Downloaded
  •        : Unread
  •        : Read
  •        : Reading
  •      : Expired (Limited Time Free titles, etc)

Tap [Settings] > [Icon Display Settings] > Choose the icon you want to turn ON/OFF


  • will appear on the finished eBook(s). It will appear as even if you re-read the eBook(s).
  • will appear on eBook(s) that never been opened before.
  • , this percentage mark will appear on the eBook(s) showing the progress of reading

[Bookmark] will be synced with the status above.
As mentioned above, even if the eBook that has been marked as  is reopened and closed in the middle of the page, the display will be .
If you want to show (percentage) mark, please long press the eBook, tap [Unread/Read] on the bottom right of the screen, and tap [Change to “Unread”] before re-read the eBook(s).
※If changed to , bookmark will be placed on the very first page, and the percentage will be back to 0%.


【Earlier than Ver. 7.0.0】

These mark will shown on the eBook(s) placed on [Bookshelf] , and will be added in the following case:

  •  : Undownloaded eBook(s)
  •   :Currently reading eBook(s)

You can also choose to display/not to display from the app’s settings

Tap [Settings] > [Icon Display Settings] > Choose the icon you want to turn ON/OFF

※Reading status will not shown on eBooks read on the app before Ver.3.5.0. Settings on each eBook(s) is necessary.

How to change reading status to [Unread/Read]
1. Change from app’s [Bookshelf] : Tap [Edit] > tap eBook > [Change to Read/Change to Unread]
2. Change from app’s [My Library(List)] : Tap eBook > tap [Change to Read/Change to Unread]

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