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How can I use BOOK☆WALKER Coins?


You can use your coin(s) during check-out

One BOOK☆WALKER Coin equals one JPY, and can be used when purchasing eBooks during check-out.


Payment methods you can use together with coins

  • Credit Card
  • PayPal
  • Niconico Point
  • WebMoney

*You can not use coins when you use “Instant Checkout with PayPal”.


How to use coins

1. Enter the amount of coins you want to use in “Coin Usage” and click “Apply”

If you wish to pay the full price with coin, select the “Apply Coin for Full Amount” button.

2. Confirm that the amount of coin usage that is reflected on the right-hand side of the “Use Coin” section.



If you want to use both coins and another payment method (ex. PayPal) together, you need to use a web browser.
*It’s not possible to use the BOOK☆WALKER Android/iOS app

As for the BOOK☆WALKER Android app, you can only use coins as payment if you purchased coins in advance via Google Play.

Further information can be found in our FAQ: What are BOOK☆WALKER Coins?

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