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What are “Simulpub” manga series?


“Simulpub” manga are chapter series released at the same timing as Japan.

“Simulpub” manga series are basically released at the same timing as Japan (original chapter books in Japanese language), however, please be noted that the release date may get delayed due to various circumstances.

You may check the list of simulpub series you can subscribe to from the Manga Simulpubs page.

■Earn 5% more coin by “Subscribe to Series”

By subscribing to “Simulpub” series, you will be able to automatically purchase the latest issue of the series, and start reading the eBook from the timing of its release. Also, when an eBook is purchased through this function, you will earn 5% more coins on top of coins granted based on your membership rank.

Example :

When purchasing 220 JPY (2.00 USD approx.) manga, and your membership rank is regular (coin-back rate = 5%).

You will be granted a total of 22 coins (=220 x 10%)
– Membership Rank: 5%
– Pre-order: 5%

* 1 coin=1 JPY. Granted coins are calculated based on the JPY price (excluding tax) after coupon deduction.
* You may check your subscribed series from the List of Pre-ordered eBooks page.

Please refer to other rules and details about the “Subscribe to Series” function from the What are “Pre-order” and “Subscribe to Series” functions? FAQ.

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