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What are “Pre-order” and “Subscribe to Series” functions?


These functions enable you to purchase eBooks automatically on the date of delivery.

By pre-ordering an eBook or subscribing to simulpub series, you will be able to automatically purchase the latest issue of a volume/chapter at the timing of its release.

1. “Pre-order” Function
By “pre-ordering” eBook(s) on the Release Schedule, it allows you to automatically purchase eBook(s) on the delivery date.

2. “Subscribe to Series” Function
You may “subscribe” to simulpub series from each title’s description or series page.

– Description page: Goblin Slayer Manga Serial
– Series page: Goblin Slayer Manga Serial

This function allows you to automatically purchase the latest volume/chapter of the series you’ve subscribed to, on the date of delivery.

■Earn 5x more coin by “Pre-order” or “Subscribe to Series”

You will also earn 5x more coins when an eBook is purchased through these functions.

When purchasing 1,000 JPY (9.28 USD approx.) manga:

You can earn a total of 50 coins (5x more coin based on the Standard Coin)
– Standard Coin: 10 coins
– Pre-order Coin: +40 coins

*Pre-order Coin is calculated based on the Standard Coin. See details of coin rules from here.

■How to Check/Cancel Pre-ordered eBooks/Subscribed Series

Your pre-ordered eBooks and subscribed simulpub series can be confirmed on the “List of Pre-Ordered eBooks “ in My Account, and can be cancelled if it is before 11:59 PM (JST) on the day before the delivery date.

* The process for automatic purchase is performed sequentially, and may take up to 30 minutes to complete.
* The process for automatic purchase starts running from 12:00 AM (JST) on the delivery date. Therefore, you may not cancel your pre-order after 12:00 AM (JST) on the delivery date, even if the eBook has not been purchased yet.

■Payment Method

There are two types of payment methods.

1. Credit Card
Full price of the pre-ordered eBook will be paid automatically with a credit card.

2. Coin
Full price of the pre-ordered eBook will be paid automatically with coin(s).

Payment method can be chosen from the “List of Pre-Ordered eBooks” in My Account. If you choose credit card as your payment method, please register your credit card from the [Register/Update Credit Card] button on this page.


* Pre-order and subscribe to series function is not available for the iOS app store ([AppleID Store] screen on iOS app offered in Japanese language). Please pre-order eBooks or subscribe to series from the web store when using iOS devices.

* When choosing “Coin” as your payment method, purchase will fail if there are not sufficient coins left in your account to pay for the full price of the eBook.

* In the campaign where pre-order purchase is conditional, the condition is not achieved if pre-order purchase fails.

* You cannot change the payment method by each title.

* Coupons cannot be used for automatic purchase when pre-ordering eBooks or subscribing to series. For iOS/Android app, you may specify a device to automatically download the eBook after it gets purchased through the pre-order or subscribe to series function. Please refer to details from here.

* Information about the amount of coins granted when pre-ordering eBooks (Pre-order Coin) are not included in the Order Confirmation e-mails/message. Please check the [Coin History] page to confirm the actual amount of Pre-order Coin granted to your account. Please also note that there may be a delay for the Pre-order Coin to be granted to your account.

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